❥ I’m free and I love to be free


Hey! So, if you follow me on Flickr, you may have already seen the picture I posted last night of one of my roleplay characters, Briony. I loved that look on her so much that I decided to go and make it into a blog post, even though none of what she’s wearing is new. But…just because clothes aren’t new doesn’t mean they aren’t blog worthy! So here we go!

Mesh head: .: fiore :.  Jing Mesh Head Applier SPF15

Mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Black

Tattoos: Oh My Goth – Remember Me tattoo

Shirt: OVH. Custom Sweater . gray ( Retired. 😦 )

Shorts: Blueberry – Milly – Leather Shorts – Black

Boots: lassitude & ennui Thylacine boots – black v3

Hair: [taketomi]_Haruka_Dessin

Choker: Zaara : Banjara silver choker

Leg knife: [BODY FACTORY] Legend Knife Holster (Black)

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 68 (Edited!)

Location: Hathian

Until next time! xox


❥ ‘Cause every turn reveals some other road


Hi. I am now broke because of Uber. This round was absolutely fantastic. There are so many beautiful decor items and clothes, so the Sahara round definitely goes down in my books. I don’t have much to say for this blog post since I’m currently distracted by a movie, so short paragraph is short. \o/

Mesh head: .: fiore :. Mesh Head – Angeled/Taylor Mesh Head Applier – SPF35

Mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes – Nymph

Shirt: erratic / yvonne – tie-up shirt / white (maitreya) @ Uber

Sports bra: erratic / tia – crop top / floral (maitreya) @ Uber

Shorts: erratic / lisa – shorts / olive (maitreya) @ Uber


Hair: little bones. True – The Dark @ N21

Pose: KASV Poses – Lean (Edited)

Sim location: Honeycomb


Until next time! xox

❥ My words came out as a pistol



Hi! So, yesterday Summer Fest ’16 opened up, and it was fantastic. There are loads of cute swim suits and hairs, and a lot of really neat beachy decor items. One of the things I particularly love is the hair that DeLa released called Elora. It’s thick and wild, pretty much what my hair looks like in RL when I come back from the pool or ocean. I also really like Paper.Arrow’s release, a bikini and tank top combination. There are loads of different patterns to choose from, for both the swim suit and the tank! Credits are below all these other pictures.

I would also like to take a minute to brag (again) about a roleplay community I belong to. It’s called Crack Den. The last couple months, the owners and staff have been working so hard to upgrade the sim, from it’s infrastructure, the build, and loads more. In this picture for this blog post, you’ll see a little pizza shop called The Pie Hole. It has been totally redone in mesh, and it looks super cute. A lot of other things have been updated around sim, like the decor. The town our characters live in is called Hathian, and it is located in the St. Bernard Parish of Louisiana. Obviously it’s not a real town, but that’s the general location of where it’s supposed to be. More and more details have been added to the sim to give it more of a New Orleans feel, and it’s definitely improving the atmosphere! Here are a few pictures:


begging for thread_002

begging for thread_003

begging for thread_004

begging for thread_005

begging for thread_006

Here’s the SLURL if you would like to visit! Hathian

Mesh head: .: fiore :. Mesh Head – Angeled/Taylor Mesh Head Applier – SPF35

Mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes – Nymph

Tank top: paper.arrow beach.tank aloha @ Summerfest ’16

Bikini top: paper.arrow bikini.top cross @ Summerfest ’16

Pants: Maitreya * Dark * BF Jeans & Belt

Shoes: REIGN.– TANGY SANDALS @ Summerfest ’16

Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Elora” Blacks and Whites @ Summerfest ’16

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 82

Location: Hathian

Until next time! xox

❥ If I was you, I’d wanna be me too


Hey guys! I’ve got another blog post for you. (Finally.) This one is coming a little late, but…better late than never! I’m wearing a couple things from Uber in this picture. The leather jacket was made by Foxes, who just gets better and better with every creation. The bikini top is at Uber too, and it was made by Erratic! It’s for Maitreya body only, so be sure you aren’t buying it if you only use the Slink body or TMP.

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, from RL stress to SL stress. I’m constantly reminded of how beautiful and amazing humans can be, from communities gathering together to show support of a grieving family, to the love a mother shows to her child after picking them up from a long day at work. And then there’s that ugly side of humanity I’m having to see, the hateful and spiteful side. It’s really sad what lengths some people will go to to get what they want, or to trash someone’s reputation. Even if you’re innocent of having done wrong against them, sometimes other people just can’t stand to see you happy and will create lies, twist truth, and spread rumors just to try and drag you down. But if you stand firm in who you are and don’t sink to their level, you will always rise above them. ❥


Mesh head: .: fiore :. Mesh Head – Angeled/Taylor Mesh Head Applier – SPF35

Mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Top: erratic / justine – bikini / snake @ Uber

Jacket: Foxes – Free Love – Leather Jacket – Tassle – Black @ Uber

Pants: -Pixicat- Linn.Cargo Pants (Black) @ Collabor88

Boots: [Deadwool] Patmos boots – black

Hair: little bones. Submerged – B&W

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 47

That’s all I got for y’all today. Have a good one and remember to stay positive! xox

❥ My mind’s a deadly disease



‘Ello, loves. Time for another blog post! But as you can see, this is not my normal avatar I’m using. This is an alternative account of mine I use for roleplay, and this character’s name is Briony. You may have seen her in an older blog post of mine. (She had a different mesh head back then.) She is absolutely struggling right now. Her life is in an extremely dark place, but due to very…insensitive material, I will refrain from explaining in further detail. Ha.

As all of you know, Collabor88 opens up tomorrow! The theme is The Secret Garden, and there are quite a few items I bought. A couple of them would be the Delicate dress from Pixicat, along with the Viola hair from Little Bones. Nova, please don’t ever stop making hair. Please. ❤

Also, I’m trying to better my Photoshop skills! If any of you have any little tips, tricks and pointers, I’d love to hear them! I did a little more editing to this picture. I added a wind effect and a lighting effect, which is far from my usual basic filtering and brightness, exposure and gradient map.


Mesh head: .: fiore :. Mesh Head – Precious/Jing Mesh Head Applier SPF15

Mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Tattoos: Oh My Goth – Remember Me tattoo

Dress: -Pixicat- Delicate.Dress (Black) @ March ’16 Collabor88

Hair: little bones. Viola – The Vivid @ March ’16 Collabor88

Glasses: .DirtyStories. Celebrity Glasses


Knives: [R3] – Assassin Legbands (Female) [V2]

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 66

That’s all for tonight folks! Until next time! xox

❥ Agent Z

agent z_0011


So. Hi. It’s been three months since my last blog post, but…you know…you can’t push perfection. (Just kidding.) I’m not one of those bloggers that has the motivation to post often. I wish I was, but if I tried to force myself to do that I’d get burnt out as quick as a match in the desert. I figured it’d be best to post when I feel like it so it’s more fun for me and not just a chore.


Collabor88 opened up today, and this round was ahhhhmazing. I’m pretty sure I spent over $4,000L. Do not judge me. You have no right. I bought several items, a few of which I’d like to show off in this picture! Also, how about them Broncos, baby?!


Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Anka Brows 1 Mediterra

Mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara 

Top: SPIRIT & KITJA – Spy top [GOLD] @ Collabor88

Skirt: SPIRIT & KITJA – Spy Skirt GOLD @ Collabor88

Shoes: N-core NIKA “Black” for High Feet @ Collabor88

Hair: MINA – Elsa – Black & white



Soy. Gun target Dummy set @ Collabor88

Soy. Poket Gun and Prop set @ Collabor88

(Pose and gun included with dummy set.)

Until next time! xox

❥ Once you go black you never go back



Hey guys! I finally have another blog post coming for you all, but I decided to use another one of my accounts for this one. I have many alts for my roleplay, and this one is a little Chinese girl named Briony. She’s so much fun to play and unlike any character I have. She’s a recovering schizophrenic, just trying to find out how to live a normal life. She’s got a dark past, so I figured I’d use her in a post like this! N21 just opened and I absolutely loved the hair little bones released. I bought both styles on multiple accounts because they’re so cute. Suicidal Unborn‘s inventory is pretty much the majority of Briony’s wardrobe, so whenever they release something new, I rush to it. Here’s what I threw together!

Mesh head: Genesis_Head_Jiang_2.0

Skin: HUD_Genesis_SUN-HI_Skin

Sweater: SU!– MissRebel Outfit 04 

Tights: SU!– Lady Rebel Nylon Tights #09

Shoes:  _CandyDoll_ Asuka Platform Black

Hair: little bones. Ache – The Dark @ N21

Knives: [R3] – Assassin Legbands (Female) [V2]

Nose ring: Cobrahive – Nose “Swirl” [piercing]

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 71

Location: The Peatonville Asylum

Until next time! xox