❥ Once you go black you never go back



Hey guys! I finally have another blog post coming for you all, but I decided to use another one of my accounts for this one. I have many alts for my roleplay, and this one is a little Chinese girl named Briony. She’s so much fun to play and unlike any character I have. She’s a recovering schizophrenic, just trying to find out how to live a normal life. She’s got a dark past, so I figured I’d use her in a post like this! N21 just opened and I absolutely loved the hair little bones released. I bought both styles on multiple accounts because they’re so cute. Suicidal Unborn‘s inventory is pretty much the majority of Briony’s wardrobe, so whenever they release something new, I rush to it. Here’s what I threw together!

Mesh head: Genesis_Head_Jiang_2.0

Skin: HUD_Genesis_SUN-HI_Skin

Sweater: SU!– MissRebel Outfit 04 

Tights: SU!– Lady Rebel Nylon Tights #09

Shoes:  _CandyDoll_ Asuka Platform Black

Hair: little bones. Ache – The Dark @ N21

Knives: [R3] – Assassin Legbands (Female) [V2]

Nose ring: Cobrahive – Nose “Swirl” [piercing]

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 71

Location: The Peatonville Asylum

Until next time! xox



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